Creating a Safe and Supportive Relationship

From your first contact with our staff, we are dedicated to making you feel safe, supported, cared for and understood. We achieve this by listening attentively to every aspect of your unique situation and providing you with an opportunity to have each question and concern you may have fully addressed.

Following completion of your initial assessment and consultation, you will then meet with the head of our clinical team and undergo an extensive assessment of every facet of your life, including biological, psychological, relational, and social/environmental.

Comprehensive and Collaborative

This comprehensive session is very collaborative. We listen to you carefully and develop an initial treatment plan that is uniquely individualized. Throughout your treatment with us we continually encourage feedback from you and listen with empathy to any ongoing thoughts, feelings or emerging needs that may arise.

We are results-oriented and are committed to our clients achieving each and every one of their treatment goals. We value you as the distinct and exceptional person you are. Our desire is not to just treat the aspects of your life that are causing you pain and distress, but to help you achieve who you are capable of becoming in all areas of your life.

The Importance of Working In Your Environment

We also find it tremendously valuable to work alongside you in your routine setting. This allows us to help you develop the abilities where you actually need to use them. We have seen countless individuals do well in a structured treatment environment only to regress and fail once they are in their typical environment. From the initial visit, we work with you in the locations where you will need the most support.

Finally, we identify any adjunct services you may need during these initial assessment sessions and create a plan to have them provided in a concierge manner for your convenience.