Our convenient, confidential, and cutting-edge approach to recovery is exclusive and transformational.
Welcome to Neurolife Solutions.
Addictive behaviors can be debilitating and destroy careers, relationships, and your life.  At Neurolife Solutions, our proven clinical approach can help rewire the brain and start you on the path to recovery. The best part is that we do it on your schedule in the privacy of your home or office.
Your New Life Awaits.

Concierge Service

Neurolife Solutions provides concierge treatment in the location that is most convenient for you or your loved one. We go out of our way to be responsive to the needs of each person we treat, in your space and on your schedule.

Highly Confidential

Neurolife Solutions provides ultra-anonymity to all patients. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between getting the treatment you need and maintaining your privacy.

Holistic Treatment

Neurolife Solutions is a highly individualized neuroscience-based, holistic treatment addressing all aspects of an individual’s life. Our unique proprietary approach to wellness and recovery is results-driven. Our focus is not limited to helping you break free from addictive behaviors but achieving your full potential in all areas of life.